​​​​​​​​​​T  R  A  N  S  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N  S

* Results may vary from person to person *

This is client Neil Haj. Neil came to me with a goal in mind and hasn't lost his focus once! I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with you so far and I'm excited to getting you ready for some big things to come!!! Great job buddy, you deserve all the success you have made so far!!!

This is client Tim Oakley. Tim has been nothing but 100% consistent with the program! His transformation took place in only 2 months!!!! WOW Tim. You are truly an inspiration. Let's keep rockin and rollin to get you those abs!!!! Great job buddy!!!


We ensure each client is gaining muscle and achieving a level of leanness and health they desire. No guess work, with questions and concerns answered immediately, all with a one to one approach between us and the client. 

Here is client Kayla Smedvik. We have been through hi's and low's but she continues to break through each and every plateau. I'm very proud of your success so far!! Keep killin it Kayla!!!!

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This is client Jennifer Dufreane. Jennifer came to me after losing 140 lbs on her own. She couldn't get past a nagging plateau. Since our time together she has blown passed every plataeu that stands in her way and we are continuing to tackle milestones along the way. The last time she was the weight she is now was 9 years old. Jennifer is the definition of hardwork, and I couldn't be happier for her. It has been a pleasure to work with so far and I am beyond excited to see where we can take your health and fitness too!​​​

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This is client Shaun Falk. Shaun came to me because he couldn't figure out how to take his physique to the next level. As you can see we have taken Shaun from 'good' to RIPPED!!! Next stop is SHREDDED!!! This was also accomplished within 2 months and slowly increasing calories!!!!! Well done Shaun. I look forward to see what we will accomplish next!!!

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Here is client Chris! I think the results speak for themselves!!! Way to go buddy, keep up the hard work!!!!!!


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